Counselling & Psychotherapy in County Durham

We are fully trained BACP registered counsellors and psychotherapists with over 20 years experience working for both the NHS, charitable and private sectors. We offer both individual and couples counselling and cover an extensive range of issues from anxiety and stress to depression, to relationships and trauma. We have both male and female counsellors available so you have a choice of who you feel you would work best with appointments available at short notice.
BACP counsellors based in County Durham

What we offer

We offer Counselling, Psychotherapy and life coaching across County Durham, Weardale and Teesdale, in a range of settings to suit any client need, individual or couples, long and short term.

We offer a choice of both of male and female counsellors. All our counsellors are fully qualified with many years of experience working with clients with anxiety, depression, addictive behaviours, bereavement, relationship issues, phobias, work related stress. This list is by no means exhaustive and we have experience working with a broad range of issues.

Individuals and couples counselling

We offer individual 1-2-1 and couples counselling in our conveniently located Bishop Auckland therapy rooms close to the town center. Daytime and evening appointments available.

Counselling at home

We offer counselling sessions for those that may find it difficult to travel or feel more comfortable having a therapy session in their own home.

Price List

If you would like to discuss your concerns regarding individual or couples counselling or are simply looking for a counsellor in County Durham, please contact us through the confidential online enquiry form or telephone 07742 880995.

Therapy with nature (Eco therapy)

Therapy with nature sessions take place as a ‘walk and talk’ session outside of the counselling room. This works amazingly well for clients that want a different experience or have found that the standard counselling session are not for them. We will spend the session together in a pre agreed natural setting in County Durham. The aims and objective are still the same as traditional therapy but some clients find being in a natural environment can feel more comfortable and healing. In our sessions we will bring our attention to the beautiful natural world that surrounds us and use nature as a co therapist.
If you would like more information on eco therapy, would like to ask some questions or to book a session, please contact us through the confidential online enquiry form or telephone 07742 880995.


What can I talk about in counselling?

You can talk about anything at all!

How many sessions will I need?

There is no easy answer to this because everyone is different. We would talk about it together and perhaps agree on an initial number of sessions (for example six) and then review to see how you feel the work is going. You can of course choose to end counselling at any time.

Is what I tell you confidential?

What you tell me is confidential although there are a couple of exceptions. If I am concerned about serious harm to yourself or someone else I might need to break confidentiality and speak to another professional. Wherever possible, I would ask for your permission first. I am also obliged by law to report any disclosure of harm to a child, threat of terrorism or drug trafficking to the correct authorities.

In line with the requirements of the BACP, my work is regularly supervised by a qualified supervisor whose role is to ensure that I work ethically and professionally. I refer to my clients by first name only in supervision, and conversations between myself and my supervisor are confidential.

Will counselling help?

There are no guarantees but counselling can help you to gain a better understanding of what is going on for you, and find your own answers. If you don’t feel counselling is helpful, it is your right to end our work at any time.

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