Therapeutic Day Retreats

Our day retreats are based in County Durham, an area of outstanding natural beauty and they involve working both indoors and outside, weather permitting. We believe that working in a group setting in a beautiful environment is facilitative of change. These group retreats offer an alternative to traditional weekly therapy for a maximum of 12 people and run from May to October.

Healthy relationships

The day is spent understanding relationships. How to have healthy relationships and recognise and manage unhelpful and damaging inter relational patterns. Enhance and discover the most important relationship you have; the one with yourself.

Healing the inner child

The day is built around the healing inner child by exploring patterns of behaviour that have emerged from our childhoods and may manifest in our adult lives as Anxiety, Depression, low self esteem, low self worth and difficulties in relationships. Healing the inner child helps you understand yourself at a much deeper level and will help you break free from patterns that have been entrenched for a lifetime.

Mindfulness, meditation and forest bathing

Connect with inner peace & quieten the mind. Learn the value of mindfulness and how nature can be a healer. This is a fantastic way to learn how to reduce anxiety, depression or just a way to find space in a busy lifestyle.

Managing Emotions & Stress Learning to recognise and understand and manage your emotions and behaviours which may be causing you difficulty and distress.

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